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The project is based on innovative building devices involving every aspect of the boat, starting from improvement of cruise speed and waste, positioning and balancing of weights, quality of materials used, up to propulsion mode that, together with hull and the layout, are elements of high innovation. The first model “SEATECH 30’ HYBRID LIMOUSINE” shown by the International Yachting Show in Cannes and by the Green Mobility Show in Venice, Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo in Amsterdam, Lodenavode in Praha, Navigami Expo in Milan, belongs to a range of boats having cruise comfort and management economics as added values; the subsequent models offer different sizes by keeping absolute fidelity to the principles of the project. The result was an industrial and strategical cooperation with exclusively Italian producers and products and its goal is to show that Italian entrepreneur and creativity are still alive and purposeful although the complex and unfavourable time. To summarize the innovating characteristics: propeller is made with a turbodiesel combustion engine motor of reduced power allowing a good sailing cruise and absolutely reduced consumptions, an integrated hybrid system allowing to sail in electric modality at a pleasant speed with the possibility to use the “BOOSTER” function when the highest propulsive power is required by summing up the power of the combustion engine motor to the power of the electric motor; finally the “GENERATOR” function in order to charge the batteries of energy when the combustion engine motor is working. It was possible to develop this project thanks to the cooperation of each single component’s builders that, thanks to their specific experience, offered the best solutions in the logic of the project. The company S. GIORGIO belonging to Fausto Colombi is the maker of the initial idea and project; besides the general engineering they particularly cared about hull, layout, analysis of all details and positioning of fixed and changeable weights. The combustion engine motor is built by FPT POWERTRAIN TECHNOLOGIES that, together with the company BIMOTOR, focused and allowed the compatibility with the hybrid system. The hybrid system belongs to TRANSFLUID that cared about integration and management side of the project, allowing a reduction of the thermal power used although keeping the project’s performances; the hybrid system used model HM 560 integrates in a single block the hybrid part, the clutch and the reversing gear. The energy storage system needed for the hybrid system was built with innovating solutions through the use of Li-Po cells (lithium), in this way it was possible to keep suitable energy in reduced weight and volume. Shafting and helix are delicate and very important parts of the hybrid applications and they were projected by ITALIAN PROPELLERS that concentrated above all in developing a helix that could integrate in the best way the two different propulsions in an optimal balance. We highlight again that this creation is the result of the cooperation of a group of companies belonging to Italian Managers and it is the proof that environmentally sustainable sailing is possible; taxi boat, cargo handling, yachting must care about environment safeguard everywhere they sail, spend their holidays, work, with the possibility to move inside marine parks and safe havens. Everybody should be aware that protection of navigable waters is a duty and this can allow to think about a development, also economical, a relaunch of boating, a cultural and social evolution. Only in this way new generations can grow up with a view and sensibility suitable for this age and enjoy our fantastic wildlife.


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